Outsourcing HR & Build developer team

What is your problem ?

For a start-up, SMEs or even some large companies, recruiting and setting up a quality Developer Inhouse team has never been easy.
And this leads to failure of “tech” start-ups right in the idea-forming phase, product development, and businesses that waste money building teams without delivering results.

  • Entrepreneurs have ideas for team building, but often don’t know where to start to build a suitable working environment for the team.
  • Risks in recruiting and evaluating the quality of team developers.
  • Not having a suitable working environment to help developers connect with each other and stick with the company for a long time-> leading to a high rate of leave, team disbandment.
  • It costs too much money for Headhunt companies to not deliver satisfactory results!

Solutions for your business

Outsourcing HR & Office

Build developer team

Technology Leader


Outsourcing HR & Office

  • Support consulting, recruiting and establishing developers team for businesses.
  • Provide a professional working environment – equipment that matches the working style of the developer.
  • Support for human resource management, employee salary calculation.
  • Support office rental costs in line with start-ups during the COVID-19 epidemic season.
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Build Software Development Team

  • More than 2 years of experience in building a technology team for domestic and foreign partners
  • No need to spend time selecting a the right team, they have already thought of that and collected a pool of specialists 
  • The cost is lower than that of the in-house team.
  • With a team of senior developer, PM and Leader talent plus established QA/ QC system, We have the capability and experience to go successfully from development to market.
  • The contract can be terminated at almost any time, which reduces the risks on the part of the client.
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Technology Leader

  • Consulting on strategy and solutions for technology startups.
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Partnerships and Cooperation

  • E-Commerce
  • Travel
  • HealthCare
  • Spa
  • Technology
  • Hotels
  • Retail industry
  • Restaurants
  • Sales
  • Libraries

Our Case Studies

With our 2+ years experience, we believe that we’ll bring you the most optimal solutions

  • Start 2017 – now
  • Team size: 20+ developers
  • Outsourcing company
  • Start 1/2019 – now
  • Team size: 5+
  • Project: MLM system
  • Start 8/2020 – now
  • Team size: 4+
  • Project: Beauty salon app platform
  • Start: 7/2020 – now
  • Team size: 9+
  • Project: Loyalty Platform
  • Start 9/2019 – now
  • Team size: 6+
  • Project: E-commerce Platform

Our onsite developer has excellent development skills and a problem-solving mindset.

7 developers onsite at our clients office

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