School Management System

Symplify all of the processes-  make school management more efficient and simpler than ever.

Unique designed for the school system in Vietnam

This system is designed specifically – suitable for schools at all levels, for all sizes. Customized to the nature of the schools, simplifying the management process, limiting errors coming from people.

Simple and efficient Admissions system

We bring to you an effective and comprehensive admission solution. Seizing the full information from parents, students process of information reference to admission.

A simple tuition management system which limits the unexpected errors.

We offer you a complete tuition management solution with processes, features from tuition statistics, accounting, debt settlement to receipt reversals. Every process is designed to be as simple and efficient as possible – minimizing errors during data entry.

Comprehensive student management

Fully accessing to students’ information anytime, anywhere, managing personal information as well as studying status, helping schools to make timely decisions in assigning teaching and changing teaching methods. Improving the quality of education in your school system.

Powerful dashboard system

Full detailed statistics system, to help you always know all the happenings in your school. Promptly provide solutions, optimize the operation process, improve the quality of management and teaching.